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Irene martin-Brown Blackphren

Irene Brown-Martin, MA

Training, qualifications & experience

Irene Brown-Martin is a skilled and experienced consultant psychotherapist with a track record of delivering high-quality services for individuals and organisations. She is experienced in service design and delivery, working with marginalised communities.


Having obtained a first degree in sociology, she completed her MA in Psychodynamic Psychotherapy at Goldsmiths University. She trained at the Anna Freud Centre to specialise in treating adolescent depression.


Irene is highly experienced in the assessment and treatment of depression, self-harming, suicidal ideation, anxiety, race-based traumatic stress, and relationship difficulties.

Irene has 13+ years of experience in working in NHS services as well as leading a mental health clinic in London. She is particularly interested in working with clients experiencing race-based traumatic stress, relational difficulties, communication issues, loneliness, isolation, and clients struggling to adjust to life changes. She draws on interpersonal psychotherapy, psychodynamic psychotherapy, and play therapy to work holistically to deliver effective treatments to her clients.


Her clinical skills and empathic approach enable clients to feel at ease in discussing their concerns. Irene brings a warm, non-judgemental attitude and an insightful mind to guide clients through the process of defining the problem, deciding how best to approach it, and agree on a focus for treatment. She can work long term, psychodynamically, and also time-limited, interpersonal psychotherapy (IPT) to work towards more specific therapeutic goals.


Irene is the founder of Blackphren.

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